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What We Can Offer


Our core skill is the assembly of PCB's and Final Product, we have gained a vast amount of knowledge on many design related issues in producing a successful product. Any design related projects will be undertaken by us or our design partners.

Surface Mount Assembly

Utilising Dek screen printers & Assembleon placement machines, over four production lines we have capacity of in excess of 30k placements per hour from 0201 to fine pitch BGA’s / QFN devices.

Through Hole Assembly

All low volume work is hand soldered by our highly skilled assembly team. Larger volume assembly is passed through our Blundell CMS400 wave machine.


we are always happy to quote on all procurement requirements. We have built up good supply chain relationships and are confident we can remove the strain of holding stock and offer a competitive pricing solution.

Rapid Prototype / Fast Turnaround

If you are looking for your project to be turned around ASAP we can deliver. We are geared up to turning jobs around from 24 hours to 5 working days without having to compromise on quality.

With all prototypes we will always continuously feedback any improvements that the NPI process highlights.


Using our newly installed AOI final inspection machine on selected PCB assembly the AOI-Inspector is a scanner-based optical inspection system used to automate first article inspections and subsequent production inspection.

All our products will have a final manual inspection using high magnification micro scopes & magnifiers. With BGA devices we use the MS-1000 which is a highly portable microscope for exclusive use with BGA, CSP, and QFP. The MS-1000 is highly efficient in inspecting components which cannot be inspected by conventional X-ray inspection systems.

Rework Service

We have been helping rework / mod boards for our customers since we began. Our trained technicians can replace any components from passive surface mount / through hole components to BGA devices.


Using our Spea ATE machine, we can offer bespoke ICT test and/or in-process testing + post-assembly functional testing as per customer requirements.

Box Build & Cable Assembly

We can perform final product assembly ranging from simple enclosures to highly complex products comprising of multiple PCB’s, cables, metalwork and significant test procedures. Each product is different, so assembly lines are customised to optimise the process.

Top 5 Reasons to choose us:

We always try and understand our customers' requirements and expectations to ensure we are able to meet them.
We sustain quality excellence through our continual improvement of processes and services.
We maintain a documented management system meeting the requirements of ISO9001:2008
We have a vast knowledgebase on many design-related issues which enables us to produce successful products.
Our rapid prototyping enables us to turn around jobs within 24 hours to five working days without compromising quality.